Town planning law

Our lawyers can assist our clients in the field of administrative law, urban law, town planning, land planning, land use, purchase and sale of real estate, and the powers and obligations of property owners.

In the firm we have a department with a long track record in advising companies and individuals in this area.

The CEO of the firm, Juan Chapapría, specialized in urban law, currently heads this department from which reports or legal opinions are prepared to respond to consultations and/or legal defenses on this specialty; planning, programming, management, projects, licenses, urban discipline and expropriations. Drafting of urban plans, programs and documents. Likewise, we provide advice in the negotiations of our clients with the different Administrations, from where we seek to achieve the best result for our clients and their interests.


Administrative Law

Administrative law is in charge of regulating the Public Administration. The firm has a department that serves institutions, companies and individuals. In this way, we offer personalized legal advice in the administrative phase, where the knowledge of the internal functioning of the different administrations is fundamental for the success of the processing of the file, as well as, contentious-administrative for all types of matters before the Administration, where the firm has a great experience and a high % of success in our judgments, making us an insurance for our clients in the courts of first instance, High Courts of Justice and TSJ.


Civil Law

Civil law is dedicated to the analysis and regulation of the various aspects of the civil life of individuals. Among the services offered by our firm’s specialists in this area are advice and management in: real rights and real estate law (property and possession), contractual and non-contractual liability, family law (parental authority, marriage, separations, divorces and canonical annulments), successions and inheritances, civil status and construction.


Criminal law

Criminal law is in charge of regulating and conceiving the punishment capacities reserved by the State for those who violate the rules of coexistence or conduct. Within the firm, we have experts who assist, both in the defense and prosecution, any matter related to this branch; injuries, gender violence, fraud, money laundering, crimes against public health, political crimes, cybercrimes, injuries, threats, traffic accidents, corporate crimes or civil liability. In this area of law, it is essential to rely on specialized criminal lawyers, such as those who are part of our team, to assume with guarantee your defense.


Health law

Health law is a branch of public law that includes a wide range of legislative matters, from the confirmation of the fundamental right to health to the regulation of the National Health System and its components. Currently, in the firm, we have specialists in this area who maintain a success rate in the procedures of 97%. The services we offer in this area go beyond representation before the courts, providing companies with legal assistance to their management, management committees and resolving any queries and issues that may arise. In addition, we provide legal coverage to the workers of the centers. On the other hand, to patients, we offer advice and technical-legal defense within the health field related to any type of medical negligence derived from a health service or act.


International law

International law is the branch of law that regulates the relations between States and individuals, provided they have an international component, with the objective of avoiding conflicts. Among the services offered by the immigration department of the firm we highlight: NIE management, Non-Resident taxation and 3% withholding tax refund request, recognition in Spain of judgments issued abroad, Golden Visa, wealth management or residence authorizations in Spain.


Labor Law

Labor law is the branch of legal science that regulates labor relations. This branch of law deals with the rights and duties of workers and employers.

The matters that are mainly handled by the professionals in this field in our firm are: dismissals, retirements, leaves of absence, labor disabilities and any other conflict that may arise within the legal-labor relationship between the company and the employee.


Tax, accounting and labor advisory services

The firm has an advisory department specialized in tax, accounting and labor advice to SMEs, self-employed, as well as to individuals, both residents and non-residents. Our philosophy is to always accompany the client, detect their needs and make it easy for them so that they only have to worry about making their business work.

Among the services we offer, we can highlight the following: incorporation of companies/associations, accounting, tax filings, income tax returns, IS, Non-Resident Tax, answering summons, ROI – Intra-Community Operators, AEAT and labor inspections, registrations and variations of self-employed, companies and workers managed at the TGSS, payroll management, Social Security settlement, 111 and 190 tax settlement, contributory and non-contributory Social Security benefits, management of communications by SILTRA, CASIA and/or DELTA and any other assistance that helps us to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Some of our clients

At Chapapría-Navarro & Asociados we believe that the result of our work is the trust placed in us by clients and companies such as these.

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