If you are an individual or a company, our professionals can advise you on the processing of the tourist license and on the latest regulatory incorporations.

What do I have to do? Obtain the corresponding registration number of the dwelling(s) in the General Registry of Tourism Companies, Establishments and Professions of the Valencian Community (hereinafter Registry), by submitting a responsible declaration. Do I have to incorporate as a corporation or can I be an individual? Any individual/legal entity that assigns the use and enjoyment of a tourist dwelling/s can register in the Registry without the need to be a commercial company. Which regulations apply to you? It must take into consideration the provisions of the current Tourism Law, with special attention to the specific regulations contained in Decree 92/2009, of July 3, 2009, of the Consell, which approves the regulations governing tourist housing called apartments, villas, chalets, bungalows and similar, and management companies, legal or natural persons, dedicated to the transfer of their use and enjoyment, in the territory of the Comunitat Valenciana. (DOCV no. 6051 of 07.07.2009). The novelty in the regulation of the matter -made in 2015- was aimed at including, within the scope of application of the Decree, those who directly assign a single tourist dwelling. (Sole repealing provision of Decree 75/2015, of May 15, which abolished section 3.2 and 8.2 of Decree 92/2009). Can any home be registered? What are the requirements? The dwelling must have an occupancy license or certificate of occupancy and must be sufficiently furnished and equipped with the necessary appliances and fixtures for immediate occupancy, and in a perfect state of hygiene. The mandatory requirements according to the category can be found in Annex I of Decree 92/2009, of July 3, 2009, of the Consell. In the event of being located on undeveloped land, an urban planning procedure (Declaration of Community Interest or, exceptionally, exemption from it) must be previously processed. The procedure to be followed depends on the specific characteristics of the property and its location, so information must be requested at the Town Hall where the tourist property is located. Should I advertise the registration number? Yes, both the registration number assigned to each property and its category must appear in all advertising. In the case of a management company that manages different dwellings in the same building, it will be sufficient to advertise the registration number of the management company and it must have a duly updated list identifying each dwelling advertised with its registration number. Advertising through information society services/new technologies will be subject to special control and surveillance. Can I rent a tourist accommodation by rooms? The autonomous tourism regulations of the Comunitat Valenciana do not contemplate the possibility of dedicating a room or several rooms of a tourist dwelling to tourist rental, but rather the entire accommodation unit and the owner may not be living in it. Can I sign a contract under the Urban Leases Law (seasonal lease)? Article 5 e) of Law 29/1994, of November 24, 1994, on Urban Leases, excludes from its application the temporary assignment of dwellings marketed or promoted in tourist offer channels. Do I have to keep a traveler’s log? In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of the Interior, you must fill out a travelers’ entry report, prepared according to an official model, and send it to the corresponding Police Station or Civil Guard Post, depending on the locality where the dwelling is located. The regulatory regulations are established in Order 1922/2003 of July 3, 2003, on registration books and entry forms for travelers in tourist accommodations.

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